"He that hath two coats,
let him impart to him
that hath none"Luke 3:11

The Problem:

Hundreds of Thousands of children, and others, in need cannot afford to purchase a warm coat.

The Solution:

At Purchase.org, we want everyone to have coats to keep them warm and safe from the elements.
We support OneWarmCoat.org to help get warm coats to children and others in need across the US and in other countries.

How It Works:

For every purchase you make, of a product paired with the coat icon above, Purchase.org will make a donation to provide someone in need a warm coat!
We’re proud that we’ve been able to democratized our donation process so that no matter which product you purchase (with the coat icon) or how much it costs, you’re helping someone get a warm coat.
We want everyone be part of the solution.


In addition to getting great products and making a social impact, with every purchase you’ll get a printable certificate showing the good done in the world thanks to you.
These certificates make great additions to gifts you  purchase for yourself and others.

Did you know?

One in five children is living in poverty

Families with children make up 35% of the US homeless population

3.5 million people experience homelessness each year

63% of weather related deaths are caused by exposure to excessive natural cold