"The meek shall eat and be satisfied"Psalms 22:26

The Problem:

Nearly half of all child deaths under 5 are caused by malnutrition and even in the United States, 41 Million people struggle with hunger.

The Solution:

At Purchase.org, we want to make sure people are fed and healthy. Especially children.
We support FeedingChildrenEverywhere.org working to connect children and others in need with healthy meals and end hunger.
Together we help support breakfast programs, micro farming, humanitarian trips and disaster relief.

How It Works:

For every purchase you make, of a product paired with the apple icon above, Purchase.org will make a donation to provide someone in need a 5 meals!
We’re proud that we’ve been able to democratized our donation process so that no matter which product you purchase (with the apple icon) or how much it costs, you’re helping someone get healthy meals.
We want everyone be part of the solution.


In addition to getting great products and making a social impact, with every purchase you’ll get a printable certificate showing the good done in the world thanks to you.
These certificates make great additions to gifts you  purchase for yourself and others.

Did you know?

13 million kids in the US face hunger

1 out of 6 children may not know where they'll get their next meal

A household that is food insecure has limited or uncertain access to enough food to support a healthy life.

84% of households in need report buying the cheapest food - instead of healthy food - in order to provide enough to eat.