"I will pour water upon him that is thirsty"Isaiah 44:3

The Problem:

844 Million people don’t have access to basic drinking water services.

The Solution:

At Purchase.org, we want everyone to have the water they need.
We support Water.org to get safe water to families and individuals with the use of micro loans which are specifically designed to help people to get access to safe water.
Though this process, the specific needs of the individuals and families are met and the funds then redistributed to help even more people every year.
With this individualized approach no one is forced into a one-size-fits-all solution, and together we maximize our social impact.

How It Works:

For every purchase you make, of a product paired with the water icon above, Purchase.org will make a donation to provide safe water to someone in need for an entire year!
We’re proud that we’ve been able to democratized our donation process so that no matter which product you purchase (with the water icon) or how much it costs, you’re helping someone get 1 years worth of safe water.
We want to help everyone be part of the solution.


In addition to getting great products and making a social impact, with every purchase you’ll get a printable certificate showing the good done in the world thanks to you.
These certificates make great additions to gifts you  purchase for yourself and others.

Did you know?

2.1 Billion people globally lack safe drinking water at home

At least 2 billion people use drinking water contaminated with human waste

159 Million drink from surface water like streams and lakes which is often filled with contaminants.

In low and middle income countries, 35% of healthcare facilities lack clean water and soap for hand washing