By way of brief introduction. Here at we believe that life is meant to be enjoyed.  And when we are filled, we can’t help but want to see other people love life as well.

So we created a place,, where people can find useful, fun, and whimsical things that they would love to get for themselves or for gifts to others.

We also wanted to show our appreciation to you by paying it forward with donations that will give clean water to those without, feed the hungry, and give warm coats to those in need.

We believe that many hands make light work. Which is why we choose non-profit charities and work for be efficient and make sure that the funds go to the people that need it most and not to some big bureaucracy.

As you look at different items on you’ll notice three different symbols: a water droplet, an apple, and a coat.  Each symbolizing a specific cause. The water droplet is a symbol for clean water. The apple symbolizes healthy meals. And the coat symbolizes warm clothes.

There is also a description with each symbol that explains that when you purchase the particular item, the corresponding symbol tells you where we will make a donation and the impact your purchase will have.

For example, if you purchase a pair of sunglasses, with the symbol of a water droplet on the products page, will donate to give someone access to clean water for an entire year.

If you get something like a kitchen knife or a necklace, with the symbol of an apple on the product page, will donate to give 5 meals to the hungry.

And if you purchase a pair of boots, and the corresponding symbol is a coat, will donate to give one coat to someone in need.

Shopping never felt so good, so have a good time!  And tell your friends, we’re happy to serve.

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